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Wantagh, New York


Based out of Long Island, NY, we specialize in children & family photography either on location or in the comfort of your own home. Serving both Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island & the NYC Metro Area.


Alexis Buatti-Ramos is a professional children & family photographer serving the Long Island and NYC Metro area. The Buatti-Ramos Photography blog is a space used to share news, session highlights and everyday happenings of interest. 


Alexis Buatti-Ramos

It’s been just a few days since returning home from North Carolina and I’m still soaking in everything that took place while I was there. It was probably one of the most emotional, life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. That sounds crazy right? Tamara's workshop lasted only two days and yet I feel as if I've learned a lifetime of lessons. These lessons weren't restricted to the subject of photography--we were asked hard questions about our lives, our thoughts and our relationships. Tamara pushed us beyond our comfort zones to think about all aspects of ourselves. My time with Tamara was was eye-opening. If this post  sounds mushy, it’s because this workshop was one of the most raw experiences of my life; guided by one of the most influential women I've ever met.


As I sat in a room with 9 other photographers eager to better their work and themselves, I felt as though I was sitting amongst life-long friends. Our group fit perfectly together; there was a sense of shared comfort and openness that usually isn't easy to achieve over the course of only 2 days. These women, and James, will be people I keep in touch with going forward and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.

Day one started off with a vegan breakfast… let’s just say I lost some weight during last week… and then moved into introductions. We discussed the state of our businesses and a bit about who were are. After that, we moved into a quick refresher on photography basics: the exposure triangle, posing and expression. In the afternoon our three amazing models Gia, Josiah and Olivia arrived. We set up the studio and each of us got the chance to direct the shoot asking questions along the way about studio lighting and posing. From there we moved onto a conversation some people love talking about, others not so much, MONEY. Have you ever REALLY talked about money? Your relationship to it? Your thoughts about it? It’s not an easy conversation. Oh, there was a vegan lunch mixed in there somewhere. In the late afternoon, a few of us walked around and took headshots of each other (which was a lot of fun even though it rained the entire time).


Day two started off with a vegan breakfast...I don’t think any of us were ready for day two. We launched into the day with brand and website critiques. We had incredible conversations about changes we could make to improve our work. On the schedule it says “Yummy Lunch!” let’s just say I ate chicken, turkey and eggs within 24 hours of coming home. After lunch, we went through marketing plans and then a much needed break came, because up next was MINDSET! That next hour opened our minds and hearts and was the most amazing hour of my life. I won’t get into detail but I left that room emotionally exhausted which has now made me feel emotionally empowered.

Later that day, we went to Duke Gardens and worked with 5 incredible models. Gia and Josiah from day one had so much fun the day before that they returned for more! And, apparently, Gia and I have the same iPhone password. Super weird when a kid is holding your phone, looks at you and says “Hey! We have the same password!” =)

We photographed and photographed and we wrapped up the life changing two days with a dinner at a Greek restaurant in Chapel Hill. One word to describe my experience as a whole: OPEN.

All in all, Tamara Lackey, thank you.

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