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Based out of Long Island, NY, we specialize in children & family photography either on location or in the comfort of your own home. Serving both Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island & the NYC Metro Area.


Alexis Buatti-Ramos is a professional children & family photographer serving the Long Island and NYC Metro area. The Buatti-Ramos Photography blog is a space used to share news, session highlights and everyday happenings of interest. 

Creating memorable photos in 2016!

Alexis Buatti-Ramos

Happy New Year! Just before the new year came upon us, MIT News published an article stating that an algorithm has been created to detect at human-like accuracy just how memorable a photo will be. What a great way to start the new year, learning what it takes to create the most memorable photos. 

As a children and family photographer the photos that I deem most memorable are those that show connection between family members, those that capture fleeting moments of childhood and more importantly photos that can transport you back to that place and time like it was yesterday. 

The "MemNet" algorithm creates a heat map that identifies exactly which parts of the image are most memorable and of course, you can try it out yourself with your own photos. I was super interested to find out just how memorable my own work is so I gave it a try.

Below are the results from some photographs I created this year, both outtakes and final images. 

From "Medium" to "Very High", whatever there rating may be, portraits never seemed to be rated lower than "Medium". Whether they remind you of good times, bad haircuts or great people, portraits will always rate highly in my book. 

The research also unexpectedly shed light on the nature of human memory. Khosla (CSAIL graduate student) says he had wondered whether human subjects would remember everything if they were shown only the most memorable images.

“You might expect that people will acclimate and forget as many things as they did before, but our research suggests otherwise,” he says. “This means that we could potentially improve people’s memory if we present them with memorable images.”

Here's to 2016!