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Seaford, New York


To me, photography is about capturing true-to-life moments, looking deep into the eyes of my subjects-performing artists, families, kids or CEOs-and capturing their true essence, without artifice.

Headshots, like all photographs, tell stories; personal stories. They convey thoughts and emotions to the viewer without uttering a word, yet each photograph possesses its own unique voice. The key is to recognize and focus in on that voice, the heart and soul of the photograph, and accentuate that voice so that your images stand out from the crowd.

Capturing photographs is the ultimate form of creative expression, and a photograph is an excellent opportunity to illuminate the best part of what makes you extraordinary. When I work with my clients, I strive for expression that draws the viewer in and engages them.


Alexis Buatti-Ramos is a professional children & family photographer serving the Long Island and NYC Metro area. The Buatti-Ramos Photography blog is a space used to share news, session highlights and everyday happenings of interest. 

We Are All Tourists

Alexis Buatti-Ramos

Where do you live? Do you consider yourself a native or a forever tourist? Trusty Sidekick Theater Company's latest production, We Are All Tourists (WAAT), begs the question of "how can you see New York in a new way?". Young people and their families joined the WAAT family for an adventure on and around the Highline in NYC to experience their hometown like never before. 

We Are All Tourists, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

With all my gear I headed to the Highline to capture a show filled with adventures, history and exploration. As a photographer it is easy to quickly assume the role of a tourist, most tourists have a camera strapped around their neck looking up, down and all around for something to snap a photo of. I'll admit that in the past I would feel awkward taking photos in the city because I didn't want to assume that role. NYC tourists are what the city thrives on but they can be deemed annoying by locals due to their walking pace and need to photograph everything. P.S. Not all locals feel this way, it is completely a generalization. 

We Are All Tourists, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

More recently I've come to realize, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tourist and as a local, once you jump into that character it actually becomes a very rewarding experience. Speaking of jumping into character, the WAAT tour guides introduced me as Flash, the official photographer of We Are All Tourists, which was kind of awesome.

We Are All Tourists, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

I ran, in 90 degree heat, along, up and down the Highline, weaving in and out of "other" tourists and I can only assume, some locals, to capture this fast paced theatrical experience. With two cameras and a backpack in tow I felt like the ultimate tourist and with this new found secret power I began to document; standing on benches, laying on the ground, and sprinting to meet the next mark. Here's the thing, as for the the people staring, questioning and smirking, well, I was a tourist, I'm never going to see them again!

We Are All Tourists, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

The production was a huge success with the little ones as well as adults, leaving them dreaming about where they were going to visit next in this great city. It was nice to be a tourist for a day, and being a forever tourist is definitely something I want to do no matter where I live.

We Are All Tourists, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

Thank you to the amazingly talented Trusty Sidekick Company for having me on this adventure!