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Based out of Long Island, NY, we specialize in children & family photography either on location or in the comfort of your own home. Serving both Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island & the NYC Metro Area.


Alexis Buatti-Ramos is a professional children & family photographer serving the Long Island and NYC Metro area. The Buatti-Ramos Photography blog is a space used to share news, session highlights and everyday happenings of interest. 

A Photographers Wedding Photographer

Alexis Buatti-Ramos

One month from today I will stand in front of friends and family and say "I do". As you all know, so much planning goes into a wedding and with one month to go I'm happy to say there are only a few details left. There are certain questions you will hear over and over when planning your wedding: "Did you get your dress yet?", "Did you pick your venue?"... this list goes on. As a photographer, the most common question I have received is "Who's your photographer?" coupled with a joke or two -- "are you taking your own photos?"

Come October 10th I'm sure my hands will be a bit shaky and sweaty, not because of nerves necessarily (although that too!), but because I feel more comfortable at an event with a camera in my hand. On this day, the roles will be reversed and it's something I'm going to need to prepare for mentally. The one thing that is going to help this immensely is choosing to work with Scott Feierstein from Red Sweatshirt Photography.

First thing first we choose a venue, next on the list, the photographer. I know how I like to photograph events and what I look for and when I came across Scott's website two things happened. The first thing was the name caught my attention (the story about that from Scott is below) and the second thing, and more importantly, were his bold candid photos. Of course posed photos are always nice but the moments that I know I will treasure are of people getting choked up at the ceremony, laughing with family, dancing like no one is watching. Scott's work captures these moments so beautifully.

"My red sweatshirt usually smells like barbecue smoke, remnants of a great meal with my wife and dogs; a happy time that when I smell the familiar smell makes me smile.  Pictures can evoke the same happy memories when we look at them.  Photos should grasp an instant that you want to live over and over again.  They are like your favorite, old, red sweatshirt…"

Before choosing a wedding photographer you need to have an idea of what you want. Take time to sit down with your fiancee and pick out wedding photos you both really love. Do you like candids, fun / goofy poses or a very traditional style? Do you like black and white, sepia or color? This will helpful when looking through handfuls and handfuls of photographer portfolios. When you meet with your photographer be sure to ask to see a full wedding shoot. Portfolios are meant to highlight an artists best work so asking to see a full shoot will give you a better idea about what to expect from the day.

One month from today, I will be married. I've heard this many times before, the day will fly by and be a bit of a blur. The moments that Scott captures will live on forever in our hearts and our home. I cannot wait!!