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Seaford, New York


To me, photography is about capturing true-to-life moments, looking deep into the eyes of my subjects-performing artists, families, kids or CEOs-and capturing their true essence, without artifice.

Headshots, like all photographs, tell stories; personal stories. They convey thoughts and emotions to the viewer without uttering a word, yet each photograph possesses its own unique voice. The key is to recognize and focus in on that voice, the heart and soul of the photograph, and accentuate that voice so that your images stand out from the crowd.

Capturing photographs is the ultimate form of creative expression, and a photograph is an excellent opportunity to illuminate the best part of what makes you extraordinary. When I work with my clients, I strive for expression that draws the viewer in and engages them.



I am the owner and photographer for Buatti-Ramos Photography. My work focuses on children & families, headshots and events.
I love working with and meeting new people. If I'm not behind a camera or computer you can find me in the gym, outdoors or hanging out with my family.